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I'm sure it'll be fine.

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's living room)

JH: Are we fighting? It feels like we're fighting.
EB: It... it does. It definitely doesn't feel like we're initiating a healthy romantic relationship. We're both stressed out and tired and things are weird. We should sleep on it before we revisit this. I think we both need a cognitive reset.
JH: Mm. It's a good thing Max isn't here, I think she'd literally be suplexing me into you right now.
EB: Oh God, don't tell Max. You can't tell Max anything about this, she'll make our lives a living hell any time we're doing anything other than fucking. Don't tell Lily either.
EB: As a matter of fact, how about you just go ahead and not mention it to anyone.
JH: What, is that the new Rule?
EB: No. No I'm not going to do anything like that, let's just... let's just interact normally like normal human beings. Besides, there's not really anything to mention yet.
EB: We'll... we'll just be in a holding pattern for now. We can talk later tomorrow.
JH: There is a chance I might die tomorrow. But yeah, okay.
EB: You might what now?
JH: Uh, well, I mean... I always might, right? Heart attacks and such. I wouldn't worry about it.