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Ellen and Jamie would have a completely different relationship if they had attempted to date normally. I mean, imagine Jamie asking Ellen out on a date, before they had lived together - they wouldn't have connected at all.

Of course, this isn't much better.

(Sunday morning, INT: hallway outside JH's bedroom)

EB (knocking): Hey, Jamie?
EB: Jamie? I'm sorry, I know it's super early but I couldn't sleep, I'm guessing you couldn't either.
EB: Look, I... I think we've been... I've been just uncertain about things.
EB: But hey, I've got a good reason. We have a great relationship as roommates, I really don't want to chance losing that. And I have to wonder if we're just... if this is all just Stockholm Syndrome for each other. Maybe we're building something up in our heads that... that just isn't really there.
EB: I mean, we haven't even kissed yet, right? What sort of fucking relationship is that? What the hell is wrong with us? I don't know if Max or Lily got into my head or... or what.
EB: And... I think... I think maybe we should go on a date, y'know? Dinner and a goddamn movie, like normal people. A normal date, ending with a normal kiss. Just one, no tongue, and we'll see how that feels.
EB: If you're okay with it.
EB: ... Jamie?
EB (looking in at an empty room): Orrrrr you could get up even earlier than I did and just not be here at all because you're a weirdass stealthy mystery man.
EB: God damn it.