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For those of you who are into continuity and such, I'll point at Jamie's inquiries here and him working on the gift cards here.

Yes, he's going with the name Dick McQueen.

Yes, we're doing this.

(Sunday morning, EXT: street)

[JH is dressed in WW's suit without the tie, with his hair slicked back, he has a clipboard and a nametag]
JH: 'Scuse me, sir! Dick McQueen, for Transglobo Holdings. You got thirty seconds to take a three question survey, get a fifty dollar gift card?
unnamed pedestrian: Uh, sure.
JH: Okay... do you live and/or work in this immediate area? Between Third and Fifth?
unnamed pedestrian: Yeah, that's me over there, on Fourth.
JH: And... how would you describe this neighbourhood, economically? For small businesses and such, quality of real estate market.
unnamed pedestrian: You're kidding right? Half the buildings here are boarded up, the other half look like shit, that storm yesterday didn't help any. Drug dealers on every corner, there's a shooting every other week...
JH: Uh... I'll just put a "one" on the little scale, here.
JH: Okay, third and final question: once this whole area is seized through eminent domain law and replaced with Transglobo's Urbanlife arcology, with which of our retail partners will you be redeeming your gift card?
unnamed pedestrian: Wait, what?