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For those of you who didn't bother googling the word "arcology" on that last update, here's the Wikipedia link. I rather like the idea of fully preplanned communities, and I do think we're going to see more of them - or more communities with arcology-like features - in the years to come. More efficient, more environmentally-friendly, more convenient.... it's sorta like socialism, in that they look really great on paper, and will likely turn to shit as soon as you introduce real people.

(Sunday morning, EXT: street)

JH: See, the card is redeemable at any of the stores and facilities we partner with. Granted, you'll have to wait for the arcology to be built, but it's-
unnamed pedestrian: What the hell is arkology? The study of Noah?
JH: No, no, sir, it's a revolutionary new urban planning concept that combines the convenience of centralized business with the modern style of-
unnamed pedestrian: It's a mall.
JH: It's not a mall, sir.
unnamed pedestrian: How is it not a mall?
JH: Well, for one thing, it's much bigger. Should take up everything from Third to Fifth, from Dean down to about Barrack. Also, you don't live at the mall.
unnamed pedestrian: You want me to live at the mall?
JH: Well, not you, necessarily. Other people would live there. It's what you'd call a premium residential experience.
JH: So... y'know.