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Jeez, this guy is so self-centered. Where am I going to work, where am I going to live... why don't you take some time and think about Transglobo Holdings' shareholders, huh?

(Sunday morning, EXT: street)

unnamed pedestrian: Why the hell would anyone want to live in a giant mall?
JH: Arcology, sir. Again: not a mall. A preplanned residential experience.
unnamed pedestrian: Just... what's... why?
JH: Hey, c'mon, did you see this list of retail partners? Lots of upscale clothiers, gadget boutiques, we have that one Japanese restaurant where the waiters are all little dronecopters...
unnamed pedestrian: So you're not even creating jobs, is what you're saying.
JH: Oh, I'm sure in the short term, Transglobo is going to be hiring a lot of demolition people... and subsequently a lot of construction people, but my understanding was that we were primarily bringing in some... uh... some immigrant guys for that. Lower costs, you understand.
unnamed pedestrian: And what about those of us who don't work in demolition or construction and who aren't low-cost immigrants?
JH: Well, again, the assumption is that you won't actually still be here. That's what "eminent domain" means.