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I've worked at various customer service jobs at various call centers for well over a decade, and while I may not have learned how to make angry people happy, I've certainly learned how to make angry people angrier. I find adopting the persona of a dipshit who's just following orders helps.

And while it's virtually impossible to manipulate angry people into doing what you want, the angrier you get them, the more likely it is that they're going to do something. And despite how anger makes you feel, it certainly doesn't make you any smarter.

It's possible that I'm not a very good customer service employee.

(Sunday morning, EXT: street)

unnamed pedestrian: "Eminent domain" isn't a set of magic words. You can't just kick people out of their homes, people are gonna fight this.
JH: Mm. Time to do that would have been four months ago at the town hall meeting.
unnamed pedestrian: What town hall meeting?
JH: Exactly.
JH: But hey, it's not like you wouldn't get the full three weeks' notice and a cash payout of up to eighty percent of the assigned fair market value of your home.
unnamed pedestrian: What if I rent?
JH: Well, your landlord would get the cash payout, obviously, but I'm sure he'd pass some along.
JH: Look, eminent domain laws exist for a reason - economic development, a rising tide. You yourself just said this region is economically... uh... one. This is going to be a massive boon-
unnamed pedestrian: Yeah, I'm sure kicking out all the poor people will make a place look richer on paper. Fuckin' jackass.
JH: Okay, y'know what, I feel bad for you, this is clearly coming as a surprise, so here - you can have two gift cards.
JH: Don't tell anyone I did ya a favour, okay?