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Carol is polyamorous - not merely polysexual, but polyromantic as well. Her idealized self, I think, probably looks something like Marilyn Monroe in Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend - visually perfected, performatively feminine, and surrounded by prospective lovers.

Cheryl's idealized self... well, Cheryl's idealized self is probably still a cop.

I've said I don't want to boil down Max's hyperpromiscuity to Daddy issues or Lily's misandry to rape trauma, but I do rather like the idea of exploring my characters' formative moments. I actually wrote up a few confessional-style monologues for that, but never got around to drawing any of them. If there's interest, I might put'em on the Patreon.

(Sunday afternoon, INT: café. CA and ChA are having drinks together.)

CA: Boy bands.
ChA: Boy bands?
CA: Yeah, when we were twelve or so, puberty was just starting. Y'know, formative stuff.
CA: There were all these groups of three-to-six good-looking clean-cut young guys, all singing love songs at me - not competing, collaborating, like they were working together to romance me collectively.
CA: I guess I knew on some level that I was supposed to have crushes on them, but nobody ever enforced that it was only supposed to be one at a time. So... that was normal to me. That was romantic.
ChA: Mm. Sort of the inverse of my thing with Santa Claus.
CA: Santa Claus?
ChA: Yeah, you remember, when we were five, and I kept insisting that I loved Santa and I was going to marry him when I grew up. It just never occurred to me that Mrs. Claus would be an impediment to that.
CA: Oh my God, I just realized, in high school, you dated that guy Nick, and he gained a bunch of weight and grew a beard-
ChA: That was a coincidence!