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When I was twenty-five, I got married. I have stayed married for nine years as of this writing, and I have never regretted it.

My perception though - and I could be wrong - is that marriage, as an institution, has steadily become less and less popular over the years. More and more people are simply... not doing it.

When I was twenty-five, I felt I had an obligation. My family - particularly my mother - would have expected it of me. Also, Amber was American - getting married to me was the easiest way to get her into the country. Without those factors... well, who's to say what decision I would have made?

I expect marriage is never going away, though. Wedlock, in one form or another, has been an important part of virtually every human society in history. A ceremony to celebrate love and the uniting of families - what could be more beautiful?

(Sunday afternoon, INT: café.)

ChA: I guess I am kinda disappointed we'll never be each other's maids of honour. Y'know, you and Trent have been living together for a while, I guess I just assumed you'd get married eventually.
CA: Why wouldn't we?
ChA: What, you'd just write your own vows so they didn't include monogamy?
CA: Actually, I'm pretty sure the standard vows don't specifically include monogamy anyway. Better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and health, love, honour, cherish... nothing about not being allowed to love other people.
CA: Honestly, the only reason Trent and I haven't signed the paperwork is that we have no reason to. I looked into it, we don't save on taxes or anything.
ChA: What, so the only reason you'd have to get married is for the government?
CA: That's what a marriage is. Everyone we care about already knows we love each other, a wedding would just be... signing the paperwork.
ChA: I'm honestly surprised you're not more gung-ho for matrimony stuff. Didn't you always write all those little stories that ended with guys down on one knee with a diamond?
CA: Cheryl, I work with six year olds, I average one proposal a month. Kinda takes the shine off of it.