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Although it affected Carol far more than Cheryl, Carol is a lot more blasé about the loss of her finger than Cheryl is. In D&D terms, Carol is chaotic and Cheryl is lawful - Carol has adapted and can move on, Cheryl still has a nagging feeling that an Injustice endures.

(Sunday afternoon, INT: café.)

ChA: How long have you known about this?
CA: I don't know about this. No one told me, I didn't ask, I figure it's between Carl and them and it's not actually any of our business.
CA: If you're asking when I first guessed... I'd say about three years ago, around Christmas.
CA: And hey, maybe I'm wrong, maybe Miguel and Mom were just good friends, and he felt like living in our spare room and giving our family free babysitting for a decade and, genetic lottery, Carl just happens to tan really easily.
ChA: Oh my God, you can't... you can't do... you tell someone at a certain point! I mean, what if one of us needed a kidney?
CA: I'm pretty sure we'd get kidneys from each other.
ChA: You know what I mean. This is information that might become relevant at some goddamn point in our goddamn lives!
ChA: I mean, what else do Mom and Dad feel is acceptable to omit mentioning? Maybe they know what really happened to your finger, did you ever think of that?
CA: And what good would that information do me? It's been a quarter century. Even if my pinkie's secretly been on ice somewhere this whole time, I'm pretty sure they can't stitch it back on at this point.