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I don't want and never intended for Leftover Soup to be a sitcom-style comedy of errors based about flimsy impromptu lies. That, to me, is not humour. But yes, characters will sometimes lie, or omit, or just be bad at communicating. That's life.

(Sunday afternoon, INT: café.)

ChA: So... you honestly don't care if Carl is our full brother or our half brother?
CA: Of course I care. He's our brother.
ChA: But you're not going to confront Mom or Dad or Uncle Meegs. You're never even going to bring it up.
CA: They'll tell us if they ever feel we need to know.
ChA: There are... families have broken up over less than this.
CA: Maybe that's why they haven't said anything. But, y'know, the important thing is that he's our brother and he's family and we love each other, even if he came here in a rocket from Krypton.
ChA: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
ChA: Wow. I guess the Ames family just isn't good at communication in general, are we?
CA: Well, you are - or you were - a cop. There's probably a lot that friends and family members don't talk to you about, just on principle.
CA: Oh, speaking of, Dad wanted me to ask you where you are on getting that speeding ticket taken care of.
ChA: Mm. Uh, tell him I'm still working on it.