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When I first made the site for Leftover Soup, I could have imported some code or other to create a comments section. Instead, I elected to create a forum. The differences are largely cosmetic and incidental, but forums feel more substantial and worthwhile to me than comments sections do. Maybe I'm just old-school.

I try to foster a sense of community on my forum, I run contests and post special stuff there, I encourage readers to post there whenever I can... but I'm under no illusions with regards to its importance. It is common wisdom at this point in Internet history to "never read the comments", and there's a good reason for that. In a world in which every photo, every news article, every essay, every movie, every song, every poem can be - and, indeed, must be - annotated with "hitlershitballs lol", a certain amount of disregard is necessary to maintain one's mental health.

Important, life-changing discourse rarely, if ever, occurs in a comments section or equivalent. My personal philosophy has always been "big people act, small people react". But then, as I said, I'm old-school.

I mean, yes, occasionally you'll meet a hottie in a webcomics forum, that person will travel thousands of miles to be with you, you'll get married for nine-odd years and counting, but that's a pretty rare circumstance.

(Sunday evening, INT: SW and WW's apartment)

SW: So you need to prove to some rando on the Interwubs that you're a legit African American.
WW: Yes.
SW: And the method by which you have chosen to do so is to take a big angry selfie, right here in our office-slash-living room.
WW: ...I can blur out anything identifiable.
SW: And posting this anonymous Photoshopped jpeg of a face next to a sign will conclusively prove to all the trolls that you are undeniably black, and therefore, whatever black point you're making is blackly correct. The trolls will acknowlege your black correctness - blackectness, if you will - and cease their trolling forevermore.
SW: The forces of truth shall triumph, logic and reason shall win the day in this particular comments section. Callooh callay.
WW: It is not a comments section. It's a forum.
SW: The difference being what, exactly?
WW: ...My icon is an animated gif.