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The Internet is as full of cynical sleuths as it is full of credulous dumbasses, and it's a shame they aren't more evenly distributed.

(Sunday evening, INT: SW and WW's apartment)

SW: So, to summarize what these people are seeing from their point of view: you, a brand new poster, show up in this recent story about a white supremacist who beat up a black teenager and got away with it because the black teenager died in mysterious circumstances. This thread is already full of people hating on Benjamin Halliganiv, isn't it terrible he'll never face justice, et cetera.
SW: You do NOT mention that you know Jamie personally, you just stick your head in and say "hey, just playing devil's advocate here, but what if we assume that literally everything in this news article"
SW: - I remind you, you're on the site specifically for this newspaper -
SW: "what if we assume that everything in this article is wrong? Not based on any evidence whatsoever, just... let's assume that."
SW: And then, when someone says "that's a white-biased opinion", you respond by posting a photo saying "oh yeah, well here's me being black in my interracial funk band".
SW: And reverse-Google-image-searching that photo clearly shows that it's, like, the first thing that comes up for "funk band black white" because your band's name has "Funk" in it and it has a member named "White" and a song called "Fade to Black".
WW: Well, there's more to it than that.
SW: Did I or did I not nail the tl;dr version?
WW: have nailed it.