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"Golly, I hope some omniscient narrator doesn't change focus from us to some other simultaneous scene that would render what I just said ironic."

(Sunday evening, INT: SW and WW's apartment)

WW: So what do you think I should do?
SW: Can you delete your posts?
WW: Yeah.
SW: Then delete'em. Walk away. Let the newspaper people think you were some lying white racist troll, let them think they chased you off. What does it hurt to let them have a victory?
SW: ...What are you actually going to do?
WW: I don't know yet. I do think you're right - I shouldn't be posting my face here. I don't think I can really change these people's minds, regardless of my... blackectness.
SW: Y'know, in terms of curating your public persona, starting arguments defending a white supremacist for no reason might be a liiiittle worse than creating and marketing a board game about co-operative wilderness survival.
WW: This is true.
SW: At the end of the day, just like it's no one's job but yours to defend your identity, it's no one's job but Jamie's to defend his innocence. And if he's effectively abdicated that responsibility, you shouldn't be jumping in and white-knighting for him.
WW: You're right. Jamie's an adult, I'm sure he can handle things in a responsible fashion.