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I've never liked it when people use terms like "dirty" or "sinful" or "filthy" or even "temptation" to describe sexuality. I understand that, for some people, the transgressive nature - the concept of wrongness - can be thrilling, but it really doesn't work that way for me. If I get called "you naughty boy", my immediate instinctual response is to feel guilty and wilt. a sexual context, anyway. When people are calling me a "naughty boy" because I write comics with jizz jokes in them, my instinctual response is to giggle for about ten seconds before contentedly replying "yeah... I'm a bastard."

(Sorry Filthy Figments - I want to support female creators and all, but I'm gonna have to stick with Slipshine!)

(Monday morning, INT: Big Heart Animal Rescue)

JJ: So what's this dinner thing, special occasion?
MH: Mmnh, kinda. Meeting my girlfriend's twin sister.
JJ: What, only just now? Haven't you and Carol been together for about a year?
MH: Indeed. And, in fact, I've encountered Cheryl a few times at social gatherings before. We just... I mean, I thought that it was understood that I was her sister's girlfriend, but apparently I've been a dirty little secret this whole time. I have not been thrilled to discover this.
JJ: I would have thought you'd enjoy being a "dirty little" anything.
MH: Absolutely not. I may do casual, but I don't do secrets, I don't do closets, and I absolutely don't do lies. "Dirty" is only good when it's a synonym for "sexy". Hence the shower at your place.
JJ: How do you feel about dirty martinis?
MH: Blech, olive juice. Beverages should not be salty.
JJ: I imagine you consider bodily fluids to be the exception.
MH: Any and all sexytime byproducts are categorized as desserts, not beverages. That's why you never see bukkake filmstars with their pinkie out.
JJ: Ah, of course, how gauche of me.