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In case you've never had Mexican food outside of Taco Bell, ceviche (pronounced seh-VEE-chay) is a seafood dish wherein fish is soaked in citrus juice, thus "cooking" it with acid, rather than heat. It's quite tasty.

(Monday afternoon, INT: Capsaicin Lounge kitchen)

ChA: So - I ask, despite the fact that I am certain that I do not want to hear the answer - I take it you've had a breakthrough with your investigation?
JH: Got visual confirmation, a full name, and an address.
ChA: Damn, how'd you manage that?
JH: You don't wan-
ChA: I don't want to know, right.
ChA: Okay, here's what I do want to know - do you have a plan yet that doesn't involve vigilante revenge murder?
JH: Workin' on it.
ChA: Jamie, you are aware that a lot of violent crimes don't get "solved", right? Sometimes offenders don't get prosecuted. Like, about half the time. That is the default state of that. Shit gets filed. People move on.
JH: Mm. Helpful. Thanks.
ChA: I am trying to help you, Jamie! Preventing someone from making a mistake is a form of helping. Like this fish that someone marinated but then almost plated raw. Luckily, I prevented that mistake.
JH: Oh shit, you're frying ceviche. I wondered what that was.