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Fun fact: back in 2006, I did this comic, in which the World's Most Elusive Human Being (the daughter of Waldo/Wally and Carmen SanDiego, naturally) is born. You may have already seen it get shared around on Facebook or tumblr without attribution - like many pop culture mashup things, it has a high go-viral potential, and I never bothered to put any sort of watermark on it.

Anyway, what you likely don't know is that I did some followup stuff with the character, who I named Already Gone. In fact, I had whole stories planned with her - she inherits her father's ability to travel between worlds, and her mother's ability to travel to locations and times within a world. Odlaw steals the Wizard Whitebeard's staff, takes over Carmen's gang of henchmen, kidnaps AG's parents, and she subsequently has to thwart him.

Already Gone had a cream-and-maroon colour scheme, liked to wear hats, had a penchant for old movies... and she was elusive on the quantum level, meaning that whenever you observe her, she has already changed position. This made relationships difficult, of course, although she could have conversations with people - she just 'ported around the room as she did so. The way I had planned on depicting this was to make sure never to draw anyone looking directly at her - they would always be looking to and talking towards whatever location she had occupied in the previous panel.

Ultimately, I abandoned the idea, both because I couldn't come up with enough decent ongoing plots for her and because working with other people's IP - even hybridized - is annoying and inconvenient. I'd much rather make up my own characters.

Max is, as Cheryl said, already gone, but she is not Already Gone. She has almost nothing in common with that character.

(Monday afternoon, INT: Hyderabad Junction, a table near the window)

CA: Well, this is... nice. Right?
ChA: Mm. Food's decent. Kinda weird that they have these big open windows in such a lousy downtown area.
MH: Yeah, that alley is not the greatest scenery.
MH: Ooh, case in point, I do believe that gentleman is being arrested. We're getting dinner and a show, apparently.
CA: Oh dear. Cheryl, is that officer someone you know?
ChA: Looks like O'Reilly. Wonder where his partner is.
MH: Yeeohwowah.
CA: Oh my God.
ChA: Mmmyeah, that elbow to the head was riiight on the borderline of brutality. I'm guessing O'Reilly doesn't know we can see him.
ChA: That dude's got cause to sue the department, though without any cameras around, it'd be his word against-
ChA: Aaaand she's already gone.
CA (not noticing Max has left yet): Who's gone?