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Maxine Hellenberger is a fictional character. In much the same way that I can depict without recommending Jamie's style of criminal investigation or Ellen's style of roleplaying or Lily's style of business practices, I absolutely do not recommend pointing your phone's camera at an arrest in progress.

Yes, you are absolutely legally allowed to to record police activity that occurs in a public place (this has been upheld time and time again in location after location), but you're going to get arrested, you're gonna get your phone confiscated and/or broken, you're going to fall down a whole bunch on your way back to the precinct, and, quite frankly, you are going to deserve every second of it.

...Well, okay, "deserve" is possibly the wrong word; "deserve" implies a moral dimension. Morals don't really apply here. It's like poking a bear with a stick - you should know that the natural response of that creature will be to maul you. Your actions are not necessarily immoral and deserving of retribution - indeed, they may very well be heroic and noble! - but bad things happening to you as a result is subsequently... correct.

Oh, and by the way, this hardened criminal is Ross Andrews, one of my fifty dollar patrons! That's right - for the low, low price of six hundred USD a year, you too could have the privilege of getting a forearm to the skull in a filthy alley behind an Indian restaurant.

Capitalism is a heck of a thing.

(Monday afternoon, EXT: alleyway, officer O'Reilly is frisking Ross Andrews up against a filthy wall)

OO: Are you carrying any weapons, anything that could harm me?
RA: What? No.
OO: Are you currently under the effects of chemical substances? Drugs or alcohol?
RA: No! Well, I mean, I have my heart medication, but-
MH (bursting on the scene, holding her phone as if she's recording herself): Whoaa, check it out, ladies and gentlemen, we've got some Real Life Shit going down! Tales of True Crime, coming to you LIVE gonna try'n'get an interview with this nefarious ne'er-do-well hope he don't bite HI THERE SIR WHAT'S YOUR NAME?
RA: Uh... Ross And-
MH: Ross, you're in the middle of being frisked in a filthy alley, you just caught a cop elbow to the side of the head, tell the folks at home how that makes you feel?
OO: Excuse me, miss, you can't record-
MH: Oh, I'm not recording: Max-in-Action is a live broadcast to the Internet -although, come to think of it, some of my regular followers do archive it- don't worry, though, I'll keep the camera pointed just at myself and at Ross here, so only people consenting to it are being recorded.
MH: Ross, I got your consent, right?
RA: Ye-
MH: A'ight, rad, everything's kosher. By all means, carry on with getting arrested, don't let me stop you.