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Max's logic: bad stimulus is bad. Overwrite immediately with good stimulus. When he gets that feeling, he needs boobular healing. Or something.

I have no idea if the real Ross Andrews has any cardiac issues. We didn't get into his medical history. I've seen it argued by my fellow Caucasians, though, that anyone over a certain weight can be assumed to have heart problems and, if they're engaged in mild to moderate exercise, they must therefore be deliberately trying to kill themselves (and, therefore, any cops in the area should protect and serve them by helping them to accomplish this goal). I dunno, though, maybe that's only true for dangerous felons who do things like sell loose cigarettes.

Also - it's not quite getting away with murder, but Jamie was right: Max can successfully bluff a cop for at least six seconds.

(Monday afternoon, EXT: alley)

MH: Hey. Hey. You okay, Ross?
RA: I just... I got really freaked out there for a bit. My heart's still racing. Give me a moment.
MH: Ya straight?
RA: Excuse me?
MH: Or bi, I guess. Y'like boobies?
RA: Uh... yeah. Yeah, I do.
MH (putting RA's hands under her shirt): Okay, here ya go. Now how do you feel?
RA: Uhhh...
MH: Careful now, they ain't stress balls. Better? You in your happy place?
RA: I... I would say I definitely am, yes.
MH (pulling RA away): A'ight, rad, let's get outta here. 'Cause between you and me, I actually have neither a live web show nor any actual bars of service in this alley.
MH: ...Hey, you like curry?