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Jamie should have thought a little more about the balloon popping that causes the chicken to lay the egg, maybe.

A lot of people think I'm hostile towards law enforcement, what with the behaviour of the police in Leftover Soup. Why don't I have any sympathetic good-guy cop characters, they ask? To which I answer:

What do you think Cheryl is?

Despite various misunderstandings, all the individuals within the police force are clearly doing what they think is right, or at least, doing what they think will help preserve the peace. If you believe Jamie is a racist murderer, getting him to jail on whatever technicality you can improvise could be considered a noble act. If, as far as you're aware, all the African Americans in your designated neighbourhood drive low-value cars, seeing one driving a pricier vehicle could reasonably be suspicious. If you're trying to get someone to move where you want them to go, and you don't know if they're on drugs or have a weapon or have friends in the shadows, maybe a gentle shove into the light is perfectly reasonable.

And, in general, I think Cheryl is a well-rounded, interesting, relatable character. Prickly, perhaps, but very human.

Y'know, similarly, Jamie's lawyer, Leonard was a relatable lawyer character. Now, journalists and the insurance industry - those guys I haven't un-shit on yet.

(Monday afternoon, EXT: coming out of alley)

ChA: O'Reilly. It is you.
OO: Ames. Thought I saw you out of the corner of my eye. I take it Max-in-Action is a friend of yours?
ChA: She's a... something. Long story.
ChA: So where's Roarke?
OO: Oh, we're all stretched thin at the moment.
ChA: What? Why?
OO: Riot last night.
ChA: Riot?
OO: Oh, sorry, not a riot. A peaceful protest with some door-to-door canvassing and it randomly happened to coincide with vandalism, looting, and property damage.
ChA: Ah, one of those peaceful protests, right. About anything in particular?
OO: Real estate development, apparently.
OO: Hey, not for nothing, but if you went back on your knees begging, we're hard up for manpower, Smith would probably give you your old job back.
ChA: Mm. That's... useful to know, thanks.