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I don't really care about "gaffes".

I don't care if people are precisely careful about what they say. Talking - especially in public, especially in response to questions - is difficult and imprecise. If some politician accidentally praises an obscure dictator, I'm not going to think they're secretly a fascist. If some popstar accidentally refers to "African nations like Kenya, Chad, and Uruguay", I'm not going call them a moron.

I'm much more interested in what people say and do on purpose. I care about if someone is intentionally, consistently, a fascist or a moron on purpose.

(Tuesday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's living room)

JH: Max, are you under the impression that knowing who you are is the reason I'm not having sex with you? I assure you, I'd much rather bang you than bang a stranger.
MH: Go onnnn....
EB: Yes, Jamie. Go on.
JH: What I am... saying... is...
JH: ...uh...
JH: ...that regardless of whether the anonymous vigilante in question is taller or has bigger tits or long beautiful hair, I would prefer to entrust my... self... to someone with whom I am in some manner of relationship.
JH: I mean, a loving romantic monogamous relationship, ideally. That's what I'm holding out for. But any relationship is better than no relationship.
EB: Well said.
JH: Thank you.
MH: But what about... what about the Batman/Commissioner Gordon type thing we mentioned? A relationship with the persona, developed over the years?
JH: That's kind of a long game for someone who just wants to abduct my hedgehog, wouldn't you think?