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Most GMs will tell you that solving a riddle is an Int check - and, certainly, logic puzzles and math and trivia are indeed Int - but context clues are Wis checks.

Int might tell you that a computer's password is eight characters with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and at least one special character. Wis notices the Post-it with "For God so loved the world..." on it and tries "John3:16".

Int knows that if the doorman at the speakeasy wants to know what spices you like on your food, there's a whole list of dozens to choose from. Wis knows that the password has to be something simple enough for drunks to remember, and regardless of whether you get it right or not, he still won't let you in if he thinks you look like a cop.

Int can read the riddle in Goblin. Wis knows that if someone is writing in the Goblin language, they likely see a goblinoid when they look in the mirror.

Int likely has no idea why Gina is crying right now.

(Wednesday afternoon, INT: mall food court)

MH: Wait, did you already know what the riddle would be?
EB: No. I just... I used context clues, that's all.
GU: What context clues?
EB: Well, Nicole told us to meet her here and said she had something to tell us, but wouldn't say what it was. Given her attitude, whatever it is, it's likely something personal to her, and it's obviously good news.
EB: "Two mouths but" implies the second part of the riddle is something mouths normally can do, but, in this instance, can't. Talk, eat, kiss, drink...what's a reason that a healthy woman who's in a stable relationship with a man might not be able to drink?
EB: And once we have that idea, we work backwards. If Nicole herself is the subject of the riddle, does Nicole have two mouths?
EB (gesturing to NP's belly): And yes, yes she does. One in the traditional location, and another one growing - boop - right around here somewhere.
NP: Ellen, when I have my shower, you owe me double presents.
EB: That's fair.
GU (bursting into tears): BWAAAAhhgghhgguuuggAAAAA!