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You may have noticed how particular I was with Nicole's pronouns in panel 3, there. Nicole is a modern woman and she's already ready to accept her fetus' gender and sexuality and neurotype, whatever they may be on the available spectrums.

I've gradually been getting better about gender stuff since Leftover Soup started - and I'm certainly leaps and bounds better about it than back when I wrote Terra in 1/0. It's embarrassing now, looking back at some of my much older writing. But then, I suppose, that's normal for everyone.

Heed my words, young ones - one day you too will look back on your current opinions and your current works, and see that you were unknowingly prejudiced and blithely cruel to some minority group or other. It'll happen to you. It'll happen to yooooouuuuu!!!

Or, at least, I hope it does happen to you. If you find yourself at fifty agreeing with everything you thought and said and did when you were twenty, I think it's fair to say you've wasted thirty years.

(Wednesday afternoon, INT: mall food court)

MH: Whoa, Gina, what... what? Are you okay?
GU: I'm sorry, I just... I'm really happy for you, Nicole.
NP: Really?
GU: Really, yeah. Congratulations.
MH: Yeah, congratulations on getting pumped full of John's jizz!
NP: That's... not the part of that announcement that most people would focus on, Max. Most normal human beings would congratulate me on the incubation of a future human being.
MH: ...who may also, one day, be pumped full of jizz.
NP: ...y'know what, I'll take it. Thanks.
EB: You have names picked out?
NP: Yeah, John wanted to make sure we didn't get anything from his side of the family, so we're thinking "Lucas" or "Deon" if they're XY and "Selena" or "Ruby" if they're XX.
GU (bursting into tears again): BWhuuuhhHAAhhunghhggh...
NP: Or "Gina"! "Gina" is a good name too!