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Of course, a belief or a philosophy or a religion or a tradition that makes you unhappy isn't necessarily wrong. I believe the Holocaust happened, and believing that fact makes me very sad, but I'm not going to use my sadness as a reason to deny the reality of what went down at Auschwitz.

That's one of the main differences between Max and Gina - not to say that Max denies the Holocaust, of course - but in general Max considers her own happiness and the happiness of others to be, axiomatically, good, and everything else about her morality flows from that. Gina has different axioms, and therefore, her priorities are different and she reaches different conclusions via different methodology.

(Wednesday afternoon, INT: mall food court)

MH (hugging GU): I'm sorry babe, I didn't mean it. I'm sorry.
GU: I'm gonna die alooone.
MH: Noooo no you aren't I didn't mean it.
GU: You totally meant it.
MH: Okay, Gina, you know what? Sure, we differ on our respective approaches to intimacy, and that's fine, I... begrudgingly respect your opinion and your autonomy and all that. But you have to admit, what you have been doing - or not doing - has not been working and has made you unhappy.
MH: And it isn't because you're unattractive! You know damn well you are, objectively, a red hot piece of six foot tall, thirty-one year old ass. I want to support and help you so that the aforementioned ass can meet its full potential, but you need to either change your methods or change your expectations. Period.
GU: I guess, coming from you, that is supportive.
NP: Yeah, "emotional support from Max" is another field in which you're going to have to set realistic expectations.
MH: I will begin helping you just as soon as you tell me which email you forwarded that dick pic to.