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"He found Jesus and wants to settle down... and he's expressing that by sending dick pics?"

"He's been in the porn industry for too long. Sexually explicit imagery is the only language he knows now."

"So... how did he get converted, then?"

"Very dedicated missionaries."

(Wednesday afternoon, INT: mall food court)

MH (showing her phone to the group): There, see? It's flipped left-to-right and cropped... and I think there's a filter on it... but that's the same image. It's a promo shot from one of his porn videos.
NP: So someone sent Gina a dick pic... of someone else's dick?
EB: What exactly is the endgame there? Hope she doesn't notice the difference until it's already inside of her?
GU: I... I'm pretty sure I'd want to look at it first.
NP: It's gotta be a troll. Just shock value, trying to get a response.
MH: I maintain that this person is just playing, and you should've responded in kind. Sent him a picture of Jiz Lee's tits or Chloe Camilla's asshole or something.
GU: ...Ew, is there really a pornstar named "Jizzly"?
GU: Don't answer that, I don't want to know.
EB: I suppose we can't rule out the possibility that it is actually Steven St. Croix who sent the picture of his own dick.
MH: Sure, maybe he found Jesus and wants to quit porn to settle down monogamously with a thirty-one year old nonsmoking computer technician. Stranger things have happened.