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I don't often point these out - kinda ruins the fun of symbolism and metaphor in a narrative if you explain it overtly - but I'm kinda proud of this one.

Y'see, throughout all of Leftover Soup, whenever a character is shown wearing a printed tee, there's usually some sort of relevance to the story at hand. Max, in particular, is good for this because her shirts usually already have some sort of sexual double entendre ("Going Down?", "Look on my twerks ye mighty", needs the D, etc).

So yes, right from the start of this scene, I've been drawing her with a shirt that has a picture of a nutcracker on it, with the words "BUST A NUT" - which refers, of course, both to literally opening a nut, and to ejaculation, but now also to catching a crazy person in their misdeed.


Much like Ray Parker Jr, busting makes Max feel good, and much like Tupac Shakur, her mama told her not to stop until she does so.

Which, come to think of it, is terrible advice for a mother to give her child. I expect Tupac's mother, like Max's, has some serious emotional problems. Regardless of how good it feels, sometimes, it is prudent to permit a nut - in all three senses of the word - to remain unbusted. Those pistachios without any crack in them... it's just not worth it, man!

Anyway... did Lily Hammerschmidt send a false flag dick pic to her own employee in an attempt to dissuade her from online dating? If so, will Max have enough leverage from people who've got her back to be able to bust this nut with her mouth?


...Okay, it's kind of a tortured metaphor at this point. But if you want the answer, well, you'll just have to keep reading!

(Wednesday afternoon, INT: mall food court)

MH: Wait... no... no way. She wouldn't. She couldn't!
GU: What?
MH: You guys. You guys. Gina wasn't listed as matchable, right?
GU: Yeah...
MH: So no one was ever matched with you, right?
GU: No, no one was matched with me.
MH: So the only way someone would find your profile was if they were searching specifically for you, right?
GU: Um... I guess.
MH: So who do we know that would have the technical chops to make a bot to trawl dating site databases for the name "Gina Ulrich" -
MH: - who would have to do a Google image search to find a picture of a penis -
MH: - who might have a vested... perhaps even an ideological interest... in keeping Gina repulsed by and scared away from the manlier sex?
EB: ...No.
NP: What?
GU: You can't mean-
MH: Oh, I do mean!