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This security guard is, of course, a cameo - the third such cameo purchased through the $50 tier of my Patreon. Unlike the previous two, this cameo is gonna be short - only one strip long! - but I figure it's going to balance out since John Brown is neither a PCP dealer nor a random trespasser, but is actually my patron's character of choice from his webcomic Roll To Save, which I'm going to mention here not only because it features its own cameo from Cheryl Ames, but also because I'm shortly going to be doing the art for it!

The gent who writes Roll To Save goes by a variety of monikers - Doc, Jim5582, Nickabocker - he's quite the prolific artist. If you want to listen to one of his many radio plays (with Max in it!) you can click here, if you want to read one of his many Leftover Soup fanfictions (with Gina in it!) you can click here, and if you want to watch one of his many Let's Play videos (with me in it!) you can click here.

Anyway, I think it's time we move on. We've been hanging out in the mall long enough. There's less than 150 strips left in this webcomic, it's time to get serious.

Fair warning - there's going to be some blood.

(Wednesday afternoon, INT: mall food court, security guard John Brown approaching)

JB: Max! Why did I guess it would be you?
MH: Heyyyy Loverboy, what's shakin'?
JB: Doing my job, that's what's shaking. Also, hi, everyone.
NP: Hi, Other John.
JB: Hey now, we've been over this. I've been John longer than he's been John, so if anybody's "Other John", it'd be your husband.
EB: Really? 'Cause someone named John just knocked Nicole up, and is therefore on the hook for eighteen years of child support.
JB: ...I think I'm okay with being Other John. Also, congratulations!
NP: Thanks.
JB: Anyway, we apparently got a noise complaint about someone in the food court yelling about false flags or something?
MH: I cannot tell a lie, officer. It was all Gina's fault.
JB: Well, whoever's fault it is, I officially came over here and told you to stop, okay?
MH: Aye aye, mon capitaine. Zippin' my lip as of now.
GU: We'll be quiet. Sorry.
JB: Oh, it's fine. I'd love to stay and chat, but apparently I also have to find whoever's been using the mall wi-fi to download pictures of penises.
MH: Mm. Mmhmm.