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Yep. That was Jamie's plan.

(Oh, and in case anyone's wondering whether or not I'm just making this story up as I go, I'd like to direct your attention to a commission I did about a year ago. You recall Raj's weapon was called the Wok of Destiny, yes?)

It is worth noting that, more recently, in Jamie's conversation with Max and Ellen on anonymous vigilantism, Max indicated that the only reason she didn't burst into people's homes to rescue their dogs was that she feared the consequences. That, I think, is one of the primary characteristics of both superheroes and regular heroes - an either justified or unjustified bravery.

...or, at least, not prioritizing your own well-being, which is not exactly the same thing.

Jamie, as we've seen, is a very high-Int low-Wis character, which means that he's great at coming up with unconventional plans and not so great at realizing why conventional plans are conventional. This is a fantastic skill when it comes to creating boardgames in which you can control the universe, and not so great when you inhabit a universe that is not under your control. Like many high-Int low-Wis Renaissance-man types, Jamie would perhaps be best suited to life in a sealed tower, with a wealthy and world-wise baron providing him with the essentials of life in exchange for a steady flow of operas and gyrocopter sketches.

...have I thanked my Patreon patrons recently? Thank you, Patreon patrons. Hope you're enjoying that exclusive art you guys get. The Paladin's Guide to Life should be available soon.

(Wednesday night, INT, Andre Williams' apartment, JH is seated next to a ventilated AH on AH's couch, JH has his mask pulled up.)

JH: You asshole.
JH: You complete and utter shitdick.
JH: Do you know what I had to go through to find you? To even confirm that you existed?
JH: I had this whole secret identity thing planned out! I was going to be The Rook, and I was going to force you to get off drugs!
JH: I was going to teach you to knit and I was going to help you get into college and make you write poetry and make you take care of an abandoned kitten, and... and...
JH: I was going to redeem you, you son of a bitch!