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Multiple comments on this strip.

1) One of the benefits of this art form is that I can be very specific about what goes where in the frame. So, as with the surprise naked party or the Empress' entrance, I can make it clear that people are nude without resorting to the infamous soap opera bedsheet that comes up to the man's navel and the woman's cleavage. I'm very comfortable in the nude, at least when I'm with people who are already acclimated to my nudity, and I think a lot of my characters have inherited this trait.

2) I like the ambience of this strip. I think it's very intimate and tender and romantic, at least up until Jamie starts talking. Of course, as previously mentioned, this is my sort of compromise between ideal porn fantasy world and ugly realism world. So we can have Jamie being bad at emotions and relationships, but we don't have to deal with his unshowered post-coital junk being a goddamn class 4 biohazard. (I dunno 'bout you guys, but I always have to hose off immediately after, or I wind up with a rash of gnarly pube zits.)

3) Of course Ellen came around to calling Jamie her boyfriend. After all, she slept with him, and Ellen isn't the sort of person to sleep with a guy who isn't her boyfriend, right? (The concepts of promiscuity and relationships and the "meaning" of sex, even in our modern, relatively open culture, are weird and complex.)

4) I get groped like this a lot. It's not even always a sexual thing per se, it's more like "Hey, I can do this, right? We're still cool with this, yes? Yes? Okay, good, carry on." I can't speak for all persons with convex genitalia, but I find it reassuring and flattering and comforting. I'm a flincher, though, so ya gotta move slow with me. It's like getting a deer to eat out of your hand. No sudden motions towards the testiballs, regardless of how much trust we have in each other, mmmkay?

5) As to what Jamie's doing and why, you'll just have to wait for the next update.

(Wednesday night, INT, EB's bed.)

[EB is awake, notices she's alone, there's noises coming from offpanel]
[EB comes to the kitchen, JH is cooking in nothing but an apron.]
EB (coming up from behind JH, reaching around to grab under the apron): Mmmh, four in the morning. New boyfriend should turn off stove and come back to bed.
JH: Can't. If I take this off the heat, it'll coagulate.
EB (nonplussed, still holding JH's junk): One of us is responding to stimulus incorrectly.
JH: I'd ask you to help stir it for me, but you're definitely going to need to wash your hands.