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We finally see the Land of Nod!

(Although, yet again, if you're one of my patrons, you've already seen it... I'm not pushing the Patreon thing too hard, am I?)

Anyway. I like Nicole and John. There's a lot to their history and their relationship that I hint at throughout Leftover Soup, but I don't think I'm ever really going to spell out concretely. It's enough for you to know that John had a rough past, Nicole is the precious angel who saved him, and they love each other very very much.

(Thursday morning, INT, NP and JP's bedroom, NP is ready for work, JP is in the Land of Nod.)

NP: Alright, I'm headed out. You sleep good-good.
JP: Noooo stay in bed with me Nicole I love yoooou.
NP: I love you too, but I'm not even three months along, I don't think they're gonna let me start my mat leave just yet.
JP: Bah. Fascists, all of them.
NP: To be fair, they do make the trains run on time.
JP: You don't sell trains.
NP: We do, actually, there's a Thomas the Tank Engine set. We have a display running and everything.
JP: Mnnnh, I suppose you do have to make Thomas run on time. From what I've seen, he does require micromanaging.
NP: Alright, you get the rest you need, and take a nap in the afternoon if you have to. Get lots of writing done, I'll make dinner when I get home.
JP: You are going to be the best mom ever.
NP: A normal shift at work instead of cuddling in bed all day isn't exactly a high bar for personal responsibility, but thank you.