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As you may know, I don't often like having one character - not even Lily - being the clown, the butt of all the jokes, or the one-dimensional bad guy. I couldn't pass up that last panel, though.

And, of course, all you keen readers who spotted the before-midnight-after-midnight contradiction are probably also now bouncing in your seats and waving your upraised hands like the teacher's pet who knows the right answer because you're remembering that Ellen HAS called in sick to work before, when she had been hallucinating too much to be able to install anything. Maybe, just maybe, Lily's primary concern here isn't actually the abuse of the sick day system.

So yeah, this is going to be a Lily storyline for the next little bit. She's passionate right now, but she doesn't appear to be exhibiting a great deal of self-awareness. Let's see if we can't fix that, shall we?

(Thursday morning, INT: hallway outside EB and JH's apartment)

LH: You call me out of the blue yesterday, asking if I had written a program to send Gina images of phalluses. I said no, because of course I hadn't. I had assumed that when I saw you at work today, you'd have some decent explanation for your weirdass question.
LH: But no. You call in sick.
LH: You never call in sick, Ellen! I've watched you replace a motherboard while you had a fever so high you were hallucinating. But no - no, today, you call in sick.
LH: I had to find out from Gina that she had apparently been on the receiving end of a targeted campaign of penile harassment and abuse, and that you honestly thought that I was the one perpetrating it. ME!
GU: Again, Lily, I don't know that I'd use the word abuse, exactly...
LH (dismissively): I told you, Ulrich, you were robbed of your agency. Now shut up and let me handle this.