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Yeah, I'm gross. Human anatomy is gross.

Side note: I'm proud of the fact that I managed to get Ellen's androsexual porn into that shot. Yes, it's been up there this whole time, you can go back through the archives and check. I'm a writer!

Androsexuality - indeed, othersexuality - disgusts Lily, and it's not because of mucous secretion. Lily has no problem with anatomy, per se - she writes plenty of erotic fiction about women masturbating with specifically non-sentient robots. It's people she doesn't trust. It's about safety, and safety is about control.

Of course, we're getting into the deeper psychology of a fictional character here, and that's weird territory. Perhaps we should see how this plays out.

(Thursday morning, INT: hallway outside EB and JH's apartment)

LH: So if you weren't ducking this particular issue, why the hell aren't you at work?
EB: Hey, now. I am entitled to a certain number of sick days in case of unforeseen circumstances. And I have used them for food poisoning before.
LH: Well, you don't look sick right now.
EB: If I recall correctly, I never said I was sick. The voicemail I left said "I am using a sick day because I plan to spend all day in bed secreting various forms of mucous, and, believe me, you don't want to see that."
LH: And what, exactly, is that supposed to-
[we see LH's point of view, she sees past EB's arm into the apartment, and happens to catch sight of JH peeking out of her bedroom without a shirt on]
EB: I told you you didn't want to see it...