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I suppose one of the themes of Leftover Soup is communication - many of my characters are bad at it, some of them keep secrets they shouldn't, others don't keep secrets that they should. Admit it, though, when you were reading those strips where Jamie and Ellen finally kissed, you weren't worried at all about how Gina would react, were you?

(Thursday morning, INT: hallway outside EB and JH's apartment)

GU: What? What ew? What's going on?
LH: Ellen fucking slept with her fucking roommate, that's what's going on.
GU: What?
EB: I uh... I didn't want you to find out this way, Gina... I mean, I didn't want to tell anyone yet, but... well hell, I've never been good at keeping cats in bags. So yeah. Jamie and I are... well, we're an item.
EB: Sorry.
GU (clearly beginning to cry): Hey, why are you apologizing to me? Jamie and I aren't dating. It's not important to me.
EB: Gina...
GU: It's good. It's good. Good for you two. I'm glad that my two friends are happy together. Good. That's good.
EB: You don't sound like you think it's good.
GU (face neutral, but with tears streaming unimpeded): Oh, I got it all out of my system yesterday at the food court, I'm fine, I'm fine with it.
GU: Unrelated note, this hallway carpet is super dusty, they really should vacuum it more.