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Of course Ellen has the whole scene more or less memorized.

And I'll say this for her - when she's all in, she's all in. Very unambiguous.

One should always be careful, when attempting to speak for others - telling them how they feel, what they want, and therefore what they should do.

No doubt, Lily sees this employer-defrauding beta male as profoundly erratic and dangerous (which, to be fair, he is, if not for the reasons she thinks). Because Lily's entire drive is for control and safety, Jamie is the opposite of attractive, and she assumes that this orientation is (or should be) universal. Quite frankly, I could easily make that case alongside her.

It's sorta weird. Despite the fact that I myself have the occasional androsexual leaning, I often find myself just baffled by straight women. Like, on an instinctual level, it doesn't make sense to me. Gay dudes, I get. You want a dick, you get a dick, life is awesome. Hetero ladies... I have a hard time understanding what you think you're doing. You know we're gross as hell and we ruin everything, right? Like... it's the twenty-first century. You really don't need us any more. At all.

But then, I suppose that's my latent misandry and low self esteem talking. I certainly don't have any experience being a heterosexual female. Like Lily, I really need to make a conscious effort to believe women - people in general - when they tell me what they do and don't want. Certainly, my relationships with androsexual women would be strained at best if I were constantly telling them how wrong they are for being attracted to me.

Over the years of drawing Leftover Soup, I've heard from the Ellens and the Lilys (not to mention the Ginas and the Maxes) in my audience. I have readers who think Jamie is attractive, I have readers who think he's unattractive, I have readers who think he should be in jail. I have readers who think Jamie and Ellen are a perfect match for each other, I have readers who think he and Gina should have gotten together, and I have readers who want Jamie for themselves (yea, even unto paying me to draw it... have I mentioned lately that I take commissions? Because I take commissions, and my rates are reasonable.)

What do you think? Is Jamie attractive? Presuming Ellen has some measure of control over her own desires, should she flip the switch to be attracted to him if she isn't, or flip it to not be attracted to him if she is?

(Thursday morning, INT: hallway outside EB and JH's apartment)

LH: Boorsen. Same question, a thousand more exclamation points: What the fuck is the matter with you?
EB: Me? I'm fine.
LH: You are not fine. You are... I mean... what sort of brainwashing did he do to you?
EB: What, I can't just hook up with Jamie because I like Jamie?
LH: No! No, you fucking can't and no you fucking don't.
LH: The man cooks. That's it. That is his sole redeeming feature, and you can get food anywhere. Being sexually attracted to cooking is a malfunction.
LH: Jamie Halligan has the intelligence of a pug, the body of an Auschwitz survivor, and the mannerisms of a school shooter. I refuse to believe you actually intended and desired and wanted to-
EB: Jamie! C'mere!
JH (coming up behind EB): Oh, uh, hey, I didn't mean to-eep!
[EB grabs JH's hands from behind and forces him to cup her breasts]
EB (with JH's hands still on her breasts): Oh I'm sorry, did I break your concentration? I didn't mean to do that. Please, continue. You were saying something about how you know what I want?
LH: Fine, point taken.
GU (still crying): Weirdest. Samuel L Jackson. Ever.