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One could do worse, I suppose, than to view all their various interpersonal relationships in economic terms.

(Thursday morning, INT: hallway outside EB and JH's apartment)

EB: Y'know, Lily, if it makes things more palatable for you, just assume Jamie and my relationship is transactional, like you were saying about Lindsay and my Dad. We're just using each other for... emotional fulfillment.
LH: That... doesn't really help, no. But I'll be okay.
GU: What about like... she's domesticated him, like a dog or a farm animal? And she's fulfilling his biological needs in exchange for... like... milk. Emotional milk.
LH: That's a lot better, actually.
JH: I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be offended or something here, but a positive is a positive. I'll take it.
LH: Alright, enough fuckin' around. C'mon, Gina, let's get the shop back open ASAP.
GU: As you wish.
LH: Ellen, you may continue to use this day as a sick day if you want, but if we had any sort of formal disciplinary structure, you'd have a point or a demerit or something.
EB: Noted.
EB: And hey, you're still running game here on Saturday, right?
LH: As long as you quit reading modules ahead of time and can refrain from being twiddled for the duration, yes.
EB: No promises!