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Of course, that's within the Leftover Soupniverse. Here in the world one fiction-step above, there's plenty of porn of Max on the Internet, of varying degrees of quality and canonicity.

I did once happen to come across a photo of some people who looked very very much like a real world Max and Jamie, with a few minor differences. I wasn't able to find their identities or the source of the photo, but it appears to have been taken at some sort of street demonstration. I think. Maybe.

In any event, there doesn't appear to be a version of the photo online with proper attribution or explanation, and someone had Photoshopped the words "Free Pussy" over Maxppelganger's chest with an arrow pointing down. Very rude... assuming it wasn't done by the pussy-owner in question. If it was, I'm sure Max would approve.

(Thursday afternoon, INT: JH and EB's living room)

[view of MH's phone (landscape), MH and SW are in a video]
SW: Mm, yeah, you like that, baby?
MH: Oh fuck, I want it.
SW: You want it?
MH: I want it so bad I can't fucking take it.
[video shows MH has grabbed WW, who was evidently the cameraman]
WW: Whoa!
SW: Hey!
MH: C'mon, get in here, get behind me...
[video now just shows an ankle, blurry and sideways, speech bubbles are fuzzy to indicate poor audio quality]
MH: Oh Mmf Oh GOD yes fuck
WW: Oh God, it's so-
SW: Yes yes yesssss
voice: Mmf mm
voice: Mmfmmsmmmfmph.
voice: Mmf.
MH: Aaaand that's why there's no porn of me on the Internet.
JH: Y'know, they make these things called "tripods"...