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I've been accused of being too hard on Jamie, but he's still fairly new as a character, and it takes trials like this to force him to grow. My experience with One Over Zero has made me more aware of how and why I use plot elements like this.

It also, in turn, helps me make sense of the nature of my own reality. Those whom God loves, he must make beautiful, and a beautiful character must, in some way, suffer.


(Monday. INT: apartment)

EB (adding things up on paper): So the car was ten grand.
JH: Ten grand when it was new. At the time of the accident, I wouldn't have gotten more than two thousand for it.
EB: And you had to pay to have it towed and junked.
JH: Two hundred.
JH: Then there was five hundred fifty in medical fees...
EB: That wasn't covered by...?
JH: You'd think so, but no. And let's not forget, some kid ran off with my Wii while I was frantically salvaging my worldly possessions from the ravine, that's about three hundred bucks.
EB: And your lawyer who claimed not to require payment from you is now charging you a purely arbitrary three hundred and forty-seven dollars and eighteen cents.
JH: And my insurance premiums have gone up, once when I had the accident, and again when I sued the company.
EB: Wait, you don't have a car any more. Why the hell are you still paying for car insurance?
JH: I got locked into a five year contract. It seemed like a really good deal at the time.