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If Lily has a virtue - and I assure you, she has several, but this is chief among them - if Lily has a primary virtue, it is initiative. Lily initiates. Lily is proactive. Lily builds and creates and starts. She doesn't worry about whether or not it's the right time, she forges on ahead and makes the world react to her. To quote Tina Fey, bitches get stuff done.

Back in the day, they'd call it Industry. We might call it motivation or drive or energy, but none of those words are really quite right. 'Cause y'know what? Some days I'm not motivated or driven or energetic, and I still gotta get up and get stuff done because stuff's gotta get done, dammit.

People who know me probably know that I've started keeping all kinds of weird to-do lists around my workspace, and I obsess about how much I accomplish in any given day. An outside observer, seeing my pre-occupation with these lists, might categorize my D&D alignment as Lawful (Lawful Good, if they're being charitable), but that's not it at all. I need lists because I'm not Lawful Good.

In the same way, if I pick out a bouncy techno playlist, it's not because I'm feeling bouncy. If I drink energy drinks, it sure as hell ain't for the taste. An industrious person knows that the mind and body are treacherous and slothful, and takes that into account when they plan their day.

So yeah, Lily is the avatar of my proactiveness, such as it is. Like Lily, I don't worry about my appearance or if I'm "ready" as much as I worry about wasting the finite number of days I have on this rock. The fact that Lily is also the avatar of my masculine self-hatred is... well, it's an interesting combination for a character to have, I'll just say that.

Oh, and as a side note? This is comic #900. Just one hundred comics to go, kiddies.

And... confession time. As I've said, I do know how Leftover Soup ends. But, as of this writing, I do not actually have that ending written down. And I do have a general idea of what I want to do after Leftover Soup, but I don't have scripts written for that yet, either. Not even close.

But I know I'm gonna keep going. I'm going to keep making things. I can't not.

(Thursday evening, EXT: bowling alley, LH and GU are entering.)

GU: I wish you'd told me we were going bowling.
LH: I did. I did say that this was what we would be doing.
GU: Yeah, but I assumed that would be, like... maybe some time next week.
LH: What would change, seven days from now, other than your ovaries being one quarter-cycle closer to menopause?
GU: Uh... nothing, I guess.
LH: So why not do it now, then?
GU: Well, I mean... I'm not dressed up or anything.
LH: There is exactly one special article of clothing required for bowling, and I'm fairly certain they'll let you rent a pair.
GU: Yeah, but... y'know, wearing fancy clothes to... signal intent.
(INT: bowling alley)

LH: Gina, take it from someone officially certified unattractive: regardless of what the Beauty Industry tells you, appearance does not actually matter.
GU: I didn't realize that was a certification you could get.
LH: Mm.