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Many people, over the course of Leftover Soup, have asked me what event or trauma or history caused Lily to be the way she is. As with Max, though, I didn't want Lily's childhood past to completely define her present or future. I think you'd be a tad miffed if someone attempted to explain your entire current personality as the result of a single event that occurred when you were five. You probably wouldn't buy it, if some biography of Gandhi presented his nonviolent philosophy as the result of a single bullying episode in his past, or Hitler's genocide as the result of being kicked out of art school.

But yeah, you guys wanted some insight into Lily's childhood? Here it is.

Oh, and just because I get asked this any time I draw a white dude with a shaved head, no, that isn't a self-cameo. My ears don't look like that, my nose doesn't look like that, I don't have a protruding Adam's apple, my eyes and eyebrows aren't that colour, I don't have an earring, et cetera, et cetera. That dude is, as the transcript says, an eavesdropping rando. I suppose I could have arranged a cameo from another webcomic, but I didn't really have time to set that up.

(Thursday evening, INT: bowling alley.)

LH: I never talk about my childhood with you guys, do I?
GU: You... were you a pageant kid?
LH: Literally started when I was an infant. That was childhood, to me.
LH: Do you know why I wear glasses? You know why I don't just get Lasik?
GU: Uh... because your-
LH: Because I already got Lasik. When I was six, and my corneas were still growing. Doctor said if I got it, I could never get it again. Mom and Dad traded me not wearing glasses for the rest of my life for me not wearing glasses for a few years in the circuit.
LH: They wouldn't let me quit, right up until I was thirteen. I just... I never wanted to be controlled like that again.
GU: ...and you learned that behaviour from them, that controlling others was an appropriate thing for adults to do.
LH: Oh Jesus, I never even considered that angle. Oh God, fuck me.
eavesdropping rando: Heyyy, is that an offer?
LH: Told ya.
GU: Could you maybe give us five minutes and come back?