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Total coincidence, but I happened to check Wikipedia's glossary of bowling terms when I was working on this storyline, and there actually is a pin setup called a "Lily". It's similar to the seven-ten split, but with the five pin also still standing - a nice little symmetrical arrangement that's almost impossible to clean up.

(Thursday evening, INT: bowling alley.)

GU: Ooh, is that... the seven-ten split? That's what they call it, right? I just got a seven-ten split?
LH: Congratulations. We're officially at the point in the game where, mathematically, I can no longer beat you.
GU: I'm really surprised I'm doing this well. I think I went bowling maybe twice in my life, years and years ago. I don't remember being particularly good at it.
LH: Maybe your hand-eye co-ordination has improved since then.
GU: Mm. Maybe my neuro-hormones have predestined me to be a bowler, huh?
LH: Actually, come to think of it, it is biology. Not hormonal... skeletal. You're beating me because you're so much taller than I am. Your arms are literally twice as long as mine.
LH: If this were going to be a fair match, they'd scale everything for the person doing the bowling. I'd be playing on a lane that's half as long as yours.
GU: And half as wide, with pins a size category smaller, sure.
LH: Mm. Complaint retracted.