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Y'know, some people have been surprised and disapproving of Jamie's ability to adopt throwaway personas and intricate cover stories, but I think his actions so far have been - if not ethically justifiable, at least emotionally understandable. I've never really minded lying, as such. We all play different characters to get through the day. Liars, I understand. Liars, I can trust.

People who tell the Truth, people who really believe the reality of what they're saying... those people are scary.

(Friday afternoon, INT: hospital room.)

JH (sitting): Y'know, Andre... I don't know why you're alive.
JH: The fact that I would happen to break into your home - apparently just seconds after you pulled the trigger...
JH: The fact that only one of those two barrels fired properly, and it was angled just right...
JH: I don't know if it's a miracle or a coincidence or if you secretly wanted to live...
JH: ...Personally, I think it'd be a little more of a miracle if I'd stopped you before you pulled the trigger...
JH: Or hell, maybe it's just a lot harder to successfully commit suicide than people think.
JH: But I do know this - you will heal. You will become conscious. You will make... additional choices and go on to do other things. Better things.
JH: I don't know if you're going to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, if you're going to adopt a kitten, if you're going to be paralyzed and write staggeringly beautiful poetry in Morse code eyeblinks... but there will be something else to your life. Something good.
JH (serious): And until that happens - until there is some sort of turnaround, some sort of redemption, some sort of healing or sense or logic or rightness in the universe - you will not die.
JH: I won't let you.