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To be fair, Jamie, Wallace did ask. Right up there in the first panel. And you said yes.

Jamie's a lot like me. He's easily peer-pressured by anyone he considers a friend. I consider myself very lucky that I've surrounded myself with peers who don't take advantage of that. Wallace got a lot more excited than Jamie did about this project, which makes sense, as Jamie's been making board games in his bedroom purely to amuse himself for years. There are quite a few hobbyists who have no desire to monetize their hobbies - and plenty of hobbies that would be ruined and made unfun by attempted monetization.

Jamie is also an idea guy. I'm an idea guy too. And here's the thing about ideas and idea guys:

They're fucking worthless.

Until you actually put in the work, until you can actually show someone a finished product - or at least a partial demo or proof of concept - your idea is make-believe.

At any given time, I've got a dozen or so ideas floating around in my head for books, comics, movies, video games, roleplaying games... but I know better than to yap about them (at least, not unless I'm at a party and a few drinks in) until I've put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

(Friday afternoon, INT: SW and WW's apartment)

JH: Can... can I just increase your share again and have you handle the printing and the packaging and the shipping and-
WW: Jamie... do you actually want to do this?
JH: I did! I do! I just...
WW: You just wanted someone else to handle literally all of the work?
JH: Well, I wouldn't-
WW: And all the interacting with strangers?
JH: That. Yeah.
WW: Jamie, I've been doing this for you.
JH: And I get that, and I thank you, and I'm glad it's succeeding. I am.
JH: But... you never actually asked if this was a thing that I wanted, did you?
WW: I... I've been working on Castaway for weeks.
JH: And I'm glad you're going to make a profit on it. Well done.