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(For those of you who've never played D&D 3.5, barbarians cannot read or write unless you spend extra skill points on Linguistics. This hasn't been a feature in most other roleplaying systems I have seen, largely because, most of the time, it is hugely inconvenient and can make wrangling your players into most story plots difficult. It is especially inconvenient, one would assume, in an all-barbarian party, which is why you should never, ever do this.)

(Saturday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment, living room)

EB: Lily, you can't be serious.
LH: I've wanted to try this for a while now, just never had an opportunity. You guys can change the names, but otherwise, your characters are all statted exactly the same. Should be... interesting.
EB: But... but... party balance! Kind of important!
LH: That's why I had you make fifth level characters. The module is actually for third levels, so you've got a bit of an edge to compensate for your lack of diversity.
EB: Lily, we don't have a caster. We don't have a healer.
LH (setting up): Well, that's what potions are for.
EB: ...we also don't have a party member who can read or write.
LH: That's what dragging along a random towns-person kicking and screaming is for!