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Tropes are tropes for a reason. They can be useful shorthand when developing a plot, and they usually tie into some universal human condition.

Although, really, in a tribe of barbarians - a group of people who, by game-mechanics definition, are chaotically (or, at least, never lawfully) aligned - one wonders why a tribal patriarch would expect his granddaughter to do anything she didn't want to do for the sake of tradition or obeying authority.

(Saturday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment, living room)

NP: Hm, there's a thought, actually. Normally, we just Yes-And our way through backstory stuff, but if our characters have been together our entire lives, we should really establish our story ahead of time. Ellen, other than the syllable thing, what else did you have?
EB: Well, this was all in my head, you understand. The only thing on the character sheet is the character sheet.
NP: Right, but you did have things worked out for our barbarian tribe? Traditions, culture, rites of passage?
EB: Uh... well, we come from a sun-worshipping tribe of orcs, but Vak had a human father...
NP: Fairly typical, sure.
EB: We get an ear notch and shoulder tattoos on the left side to ward off bad luck...
NP: Loving it, loving it.
EB: Big solstice celebration thing, obviously.
NP: Obviously.
EB: And Vak had run away from all that because the village elders were going to marry her off to solidify peace with a neighbouring tribe.
MH: Wow, the neighbouring tribe's chief had identical quad sons! What are the odds?