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This is based on a real thing that I did in a D&D game. Of course, I wasn't a raging barbarian, but there was a bigass winch in the room, so that was handy. I'm what you'd call a lateral thinker sometimes.

(Saturday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment, living room)

NP: Okay, with power attack and double handed, that's... twenty damage.
LH: The zombie ogre is still looking pretty healthy. Y'know, for a zombie. Ellen, your turn.
EB: Question: zombies take less damage from piercing... is that because arrows bounce off of them, or because they just go in and stick?
LH: I'm gonna say they stick.
EB: And if I run while dragging something, is that still just a move action?
LH: Of course.
EB: Okay, I fire my rope arrow... twenty-four.
LH: You hit, the arrow lodges between the creature's ribs.
EB: With the five off, that's only three damage, but I've got the rope tied to me, so I'm going to try running.
LH: Opposed strength.
EB: I'm raging, so... twenty-two.
LH: The zombie falls prone, and will take a d6 for every square you drag it.
EB: He's taking eight d6, then, because I'm going to run him in a circle, ending here, where he's adjacent to everyone, so when he spends his entire next turn standing up from prone, you'll all get attacks of opportunity.
MH: We are literally the same character, how the fuck are you still so much better at this?