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They were out of ice cubes, so that's a pizza pocket in a dish towel.

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's living room, couch, JH has an ice pack over his genitals)

JH: Ohhh God.
EB: Soooo... maybe that's it for the hanky-panky tonight.
JH: I... I can still-
EB: No. No you cannot.
JH: Nnn. Ellen, I love you, I really love you, but I think our sex life was better when it was theoretical.
EB: Mm. Little soon in the relationship to be busting out the L-word, isn't it?
JH: Do... do we not love each other?
EB: I'm not saying we don't, I'm just saying it's kinda soon to actually utilize the L-word, that's all.
JH: Ellen, I was making L-word to you because I L-word you. If I didn't L-word you, the L-word-making would not have occurred.
JH: Also, as I recall, you were saying it quite a bit as I was... trying... to do my thing.
EB: Oh, stuff that comes out of your mouth when you're in flagrante doesn't count, everyone knows that.
JH: Just a thought, but maybe if sexual excitation causes you to say things that aren't true, that might shed some light on our ongoing anatomical incompatibility.
EB: Hey, you can't pin this one on me, I had my mouth full, thank you very much.