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In theory, as per evolutionary psychology, the male libido is primarily based around "if I jizz inside that and then immediately die of a heart attack, I can still win" and the female libido is primarily based around "yes, this will help set up a good situation for the next nine months, at least".

In practice, of course, different people are all different and have wildly different libidos - not only in terms of non-hetero sexualities or weird fetishes, but in terms of drives and behaviours and priorities as well. A lot more of your sexuality lives up top in the rewriteable wrinkly bits than down in the hardcoded brainstem.

I do think one can utilize stereotypes, though. I certainly wouldn't protest if a female friend were to chalk up something I did or said to either my biological or my learned maleness.

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's living room, couch)

EB: I guess it's probably good that we have a discussion about our sex life now, while we're... y'know... not especially horny about it. We can think clearly.
JH: Speak for yourself. I've had a few minutes' breather, I'm good to go.
EB: Mm. Benefit of being a dude, I guess.
JH: Is that a dude thing?
EB (looking down): I know if I still had visible redness from chemical reactions on my genitalia, I wouldn't be in the mood for weeks.
JH: Note to self: no acid in the vagina.
EB: Appreciate it, thanks.
JH: I dunno, I just... I just really want to do... things. For you. With you. I honestly don't know if that's a hormonal thing or because of the aforementioned affection. I don't think that necessarily compromises my ability to make rational decisions.
JH: At any rate, not while I'm still outside of you.
EB: Well, I certainly get into poor-decision mode before that point. Maybe my brains get scrambled sooner in the foreplay process than yours do.
JH: Hmm. If the flagrante effect kicks in that soon, it would certainly explain that banana-in-my-pocket nonsense you were going on about earlier...