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Which you is you?

There's a popular series of commercials for Snickers candy bars - some celebrity is in an incongruous situation, someone tosses them a Snickers, they eat it and morph back into, evidently, the appropriate-for-the-setting individual they always were. Snickers - you're not you when you're hungry!

But aren't you, though? I mean, I know I'd certainly have a hard time convincing a jury that it wasn't me who stabbed those teens - it was Jason Voorhees in my body! I just hadn't had any creamy nougat and crunchy peanuts in a while!

You go through a wide variety of selves as the day wears on. There's hungry you and full you. There's alert you and tired you. There's horny you and turned-off you. Is the "real you" just the average of those states, or are you more you at some times and less you at other times?

Exactly how much pressure and discomfort can I subject you to, before you're "under duress" and that signature at the bottom of the contract is invalid? Exactly how exhausted or frustrated or hungry or thirsty or full-bladdered can you be before you're no longer responsible for smacking someone who gets in your way? Exactly how drunk, or high, or delusional, or horny can you get before you can't meaningfully consent to a sex act? Is "too sexually excited to think straight" even a state that could be reached - and, if you believe it is, do you have a responsibility to avoid being in that state, or to avoid that state while you're in the company of other people?

Anyway, as usual, Jamie is overthinking all the wrong things and feeling weirdly guilty about all the wrong things... and both Ellen and Jamie are simultaneously very good and very bad at communicating in general.

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's living room, couch)

JH: Well, fuck, I... I guess I broke the first promise I ever made to you, then.
EB: What are you talking about?
JH: I mean, what you're describing would be essentially nonconsensual, wouldn't it?
JH: Evidently the proximity to my raw masculine animal sexuality is enough to override your otherwise rational decision making process, so...
EB: Oh, Jamie, no, it's... I mean, I'm still sane, for God's sake. Don't think that. I did make the choices I made intentionally, and I don't regret any of them.
EB: I mean, that's like saying if you offered me a sandwich when I was hungry and I decided to eat it, but wouldn't have decided to eat it if I wasn't hungry, that you're force-feeding me. Hungry me and nonhungry me make different choices, but we're both still making choices.
JH: Hm. So what you're saying is, if we are going to discuss our sex lives, we should do it in such a way that we're not currently experiencing attraction to each other.
EB: Well, your height is kinda doing it for me, so I'm gonna need you to kneel on the floor...