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This is a recurring issue with Jamie and Ellen's relationship - taking weird and over-the-top steps to not think about sex only resulting in thinking about sex more and fetishizing the thing you're not supposed to be thinking about. Explains a great deal of human behaviour, really... most of it less than savoury. Lookin' at you, organized religion.

Side note: can putting a penis into a vagina and ejaculating therein really be called a "fetish"? I mean, is that not the fundamental biological thing that makes the species keep going? Isn't literally everything else other than that the fetish?

Anyway, these two are being complete doofs, but I love'em.

...shit, I'm gonna miss this comic so bad.

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's living room, couch. JH is kneeling, wearing the zentai hood and has draped his body in a blanket, EB is wearing one of those realistic horse masks and has a couch cushion under her shirt)

JH: Alright. We do have affection for each other and intend to be together in the short term, at least, but we are absolutely not even talking about getting married or having kids at this time.
EB: Agreed. I mean, I guess I might like to have kids someday, so I'm not one hundred percent ruling it out forever, but we're not even bringing up the topic until we've been together for, like, a year, and have met each other's families.
JH: Yes.
EB: Which means, perhaps, that we should limit vaginal intercourse to special occasions. At very least, we should be taking Max's advice and using condoms as well as the pill.
JH: That is a very sensible and rational decision that we are making.
EB: Yes.
EB: Yyyeah, this isn't working, I am getting hornier with every passing second, and I think I'm starting to specifically fetishize bareback.
JH: Same. I just hope I'm not developing a horse fetish to go along with it.