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Hey, here's a fun challenge - everyone pictured in this strip has been in Leftover Soup before. See if you can find them in the archives!

(Sunday evening, INT:bowling alley. GU is answering her phone)

GU: Hello?
LH: Hey. I'm at your place. You haven't been responding to your texts. Where are you?
GU: Out. Busy.
LH: Well get in and get unbusy. I got you a date. He's tall, he's handsome, he's Christian, he's queued up for Nic Cage and Brazilian steak. Get over here.
(GU's front porch, LH is talking on the phone next to two guys in suits)

GU: I'm not going to go on a date with a stranger you picked out.
LH: It'd be chaperoned. Specifically, it'd be a double date. Got these two guys at a church service, making it a double was the only way I could get them to agree to come.
LH: (Did you know the Salvation Army is a church?)
GU: No.
LH: No what?
GU: No, Lily, I'm not coming.
GU: I already spend forty plus six hours a week doing what you say. You have stated that your goal is to stop controlling me, so I am helping you achieve that goal.
GU: No.
(bowling alley, GU is receiving a blue headband from the Kingfishers)

LH: The fuck am I supposed to do with these two meat popsicles?
GU: Call Max, I'm sure she'd have some suggestions.
GU: Gotta go.