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It could be argued that one of the main purposes - if not the primary purpose - of the legal system is to prevent vigilantism.

One of the most essential elements of any Batman story - more so than Bruce Wayne's money or his parents' death - is that the police must be shown to be either incompetent or corrupt or both. For whatever reason, when the Joker or Mr. Freeze or the Riddler get up to their old tricks, the police are insufficient to handle things.

Thus, Batman.

In much the same way that poverty excuses and therefore promotes petty crime - who could fault a man for stealing bread to feed his starving family? - an incompetent or corrupt or prejudiced or useless legal system will excuse and promote citizens taking the law into their own hands.

And then, of course, one has unintended consequences and misunderstandings and retribution and that whole "cycle of perpetual violence" deal you may have read about. It's a human species thing.

Anyway. I hope the whole tortured metaphor of Jamie and Andre and Roscoe all being "related" isn't too heavyhanded. Let's move things along, shall we?

(Monday morning, INT: hospital room.)

JH: then I printed up a bunch of fake gift cards and an ID badge that said "Dick McQueen". I had a theme going, you see-
RoK: Yes, I caught the theme, thank you. Why in the hell did you do that?
JH: Well, in order to find Andre, I needed to canvass the immediate neighbourhood. And nothing opens people up like a common enemy.
RoK: What in the hell would make you think that that's... that that's remotely acceptable? Do you know what you did to people?
RoK: You can't just... walk around with fraudulent ID and tell good people their houses are going to be taken away because you're on some personal vendetta. The things you say have an impact on people's lives, you need to respect that!
JH: Mm. Out of curiosity, how is it that you're in this hospital room, again?
RoK: can't prove I'm not this young man's long-lost biological father.
JH: Ah, got it.
JH: ...too soon to call you Dad?